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Members: 2,000,000 from USA; Members activity: 700,000 active weekly; Gender Proportion: 65% - women; 35% - men.
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  • it can be hard to meet in person because of the distance
  • all the best features are using credits
  • no special free trial
  • a lot of female members
  • members are looking for relationships
  • service is safe
  • it works is one of the fastest-growing dating sites in the last couple of years because many women from Eastern Europe realize how good it is. Men from Canada and the USA love it as well as ladies across the ocean.

This premium site was founded in 1997, but its community still grows. Read this review if you’re thinking about becoming a member. It will make it clear if is good for you. *Spoiler alert* if Eastern European girls are your type, yes, it’s very good for you.


Anastasiadate owners realized that many women in Eastern Europe dream about dating men from the West as you’d imagine; meeting somebody that far isn’t easy. At least it wasn’t before Anastasiadate came to the online dating scene. For the last 23 years, this site successfully connects Canadian men with ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and other East European countries.

Is it that good? It is for more than 20,000,000 users, but let’s find out if it is good for you.


Nobody joins sites that take forever to register. Anastasiadate isn’t one of those sites. It will take you a couple of minutes to make a profile, maximum. You can choose to register with Facebook, Google account, or email. Other than that, all you need to do is:

  • mark your gender
  • are you looking for men or women
  • your name
  • email
  • password

When you finish that, you’ll have to verify your account via email, but that’s just one click, and their email will come immediately. All of that will take 2 to 3 minutes. Then your account is ready, and you can start personalizing your profile. You aren’t obligated to do that, but do you want to be one of those creepy members without a profile photo or any information?

Members & Profiles

Some dating sites take forever to register but don’t give any space to show who you are on your profile. Well, guess what, this isn’t a site like that. Anastasiadate gives you a lot of space to express yourself. You can tell everybody what makes you interesting. More importantly, you can tell them who you are looking for. You can even upload a video to show you aren’t fake in any way.

Many members will see your profile and your video because that’s one of the free features Anastasiadate gives people who enrolled on the site. You can look at profile photos in full quality for free too. If you’re a Canadian man, you’ll see a lot of beautiful girls from Eastern Europe.

This is one of the rare sites with more female than male users. New girls are joining every day, but lately, many more Canadian men than usual are joining. Continue reading to find out if they are in a safe environment. Safety

Quick registration might make you think doesn’t pay a lot of attention to safety. But they’re constantly upgrading their software to keep all the threats away. Email verification makes sure there are no bots on the site.

There are some fake profiles on the site, but that’s just how it is in the world of online dating. Those profiles are very easy to recognize, though. You won’t have any problem separating them from real girls.

And there aren’t many fake profiles on the site. The evidence of that is verification marks on almost all the profiles. Anastasiadate implemented that sign in their service to make their users even safer.

Is legit?

If you ask thousands of American men who have found girls using Anastasiadate if it’s legit, they’ll say YES. But you can’t ask them that because they’re somewhere caressing their Eastern European beauty.

So yes, Anastasiadate is legit. After all, it’s thriving for 23 years. Meeting girls here won’t be a problem, but it will cost you a couple of dollars. Let’s see the costs and prices of this service.

Costs and Prices

Anastasiadate offers a free membership with regular free features with one big addition. You can see profile photos of other members in full size as a free member. On top of that, uploading (and watching) videos are free too. That alone can give you hours of fun, but if you want a real thing with a girl in East Europe, we suggest you upgrade to the premium membership.

That will unlock a lot of special features and be a signal to the girls that you’re a serious man. This is how much that will cost (the price is in Canadian dollars):

  • Membership – $3,8 / month (gives 20 credits)
  • Credits – $121,89 for 160 credits or $507,93 for 1000 credits

Credits are used for:

  • Live chat – exchange messages with other users who’ll soon become your close friends or lovers
  • CamShare – have a date on the webcam with beauty from Eastern Europe – VERY POPULAR
  • Flowers and Presents – an option to send real presents and flowers to users you connect with
  • Call Me – arrange when you’ll call other some member on a mobile phone; you can cancel in the meantime


If Eastern European girls are your thing, you’re aware can make your dreams come true. It lets you meet more than 12,200,00 girls, and with just over 8 million men on the site, competition isn’t fierce.

This Anastasiadate review showed you some amazing features that the service has. Sending and receiving real gifts from the site’s shop and CamShare will soon become your favorite activities.

Anastasiadate will show you the world full of beauties who idolize American men. They want to meet a man from Canada who’ll make them happy. Fulfill their fantasies.

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The best thing you can find on the dating only Here!
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3.3 Real Life Review

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