EastMeetEast.com Review

EastMeetEast.com Review

Members: 500,000 from USA; Members activity: 1,500 daily logins; Gender Proportion: 60 % - women; 40 % - man.
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  • There is a quick sign up process requiring two to three minutes of input to join the site.
  • Women can enjoy each feature free on this simple platform.
  • You can send a friendly message to as many users as you wish and then read their replies.
  • You can block a user if you don't want to continue communication.
  • You can share Facebook photos and connect your Instagram account.
  • There was a range of ethnicities in the search results, including Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, and African American potential matches.
  • I did not connect with many users.
  • I could not log out of my account.
  • I was surprised that users were allowed to post pictures of themselves with children without blurring their faces.
  • Men can’t access the functionality without paying for services.
  • The user base seems quite small.


Is something missing in your life? Don’t end up like me! I was tired of falling asleep on the couch after spending evenings after work alone watching Netflix and tearing up the moment when the lead actor says he can’t live without his love interest. I decided it was time to go out and find love using the geo matching of modern dating apps and websites.

If you’re seeking a new type of Asian dating experience that provides matches for short-term or long-term romance, then I suggest exploring the website EastMeetEast.com.

I liked this site because it did not feel any pressure to join or upgrade my account. For my EastMeetEast reviews, I tested different features on the site and evaluated how it brought me interesting conversations with potential dates.

Dating attractive members, including male and female singles of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese descent, comes with its own rewards and challenges. Please read on to learn more about using this matchmaking app for a pleasant dating experience:


Creating a profile on a dating app like this means you want to meet users in a certain niche. Your goal is to view and date local Asian singles. You can log in with your Facebook credentials or provide the following information during the account registration process:

  • first name;
  • age;
  • ethnicity;
  • date of birth;
  • zip code;
  • occupation;
  • email address.

Then, you have to go to your email provider and click on the link they send you to activate your account. I prefer using the web version because of the simple colors and design. I felt mildly frustrated because the page load time was a tad bit slow.

Once I returned to the site, I was asked to upload photos from Facebook or my device. I skipped the process of sharing photos and began searching for user profiles. The site admin must approve each photo, and approval is also needed to change your gender on profile.

Members and Profiles

It’s risky to list yourself on an online dating service. Your personal details and photos are out there for public consumption. You might attract attention from people whom you wouldn’t date in real life. It’s all part of the game!

I used the search feature to start clicking on people who lived near me in the same part of Canada. I encountered 13 matches, men within the target age range residing within 50 miles of my city. I limited the search to profiles with photos only. You can sort users using filters such as age, ethnicity, distance from you in miles, has a photo, and the last time he/she was online.

It’s also fun to select a “special blend,” and the site will mix up the results for you. You can click to “Say hi” or “Smile” and let a user know you like his/her profile. You can also see who has viewed your profile. Each profile has a note informing you if a user “replies often” or “replies selectively” to new contacts from other users. I was able to start clicking on profiles and messaging users without making my own more complete.

EastMeetEast.com Safety

This site comes up right away as not secure, which means the owners did not purchase the right certificate for this URL. You can browse the personals on EastMeetEast.com or choose to register.

If you want to try a new kind of Asian dating, start interacting with other users worldwide or in your community. I wasn’t asked for personal information that I didn’t feel safe providing for the site’s full use.

Is EastMeetEast.com Legit?

My research proved that there were exciting and physically attractive professionals living in my community and using Eastmeetseast compared to other free dating sites and apps.

I was curious to learn more about them after I reviewed their photos. No aspects of the website felt like a scam. Users had real locations and professions and pictures of themselves enjoying activities in the area displayed in their profiles.

Finally, I was never asked for my payment information or confronted with evidence of illicit activities.

Costs and Prices

If you look in the Google Play Store or the App Store, there are so many dating apps where you can begin searching for Asian singles.

EastMeetEast.com is pretty low-risk compared to a lot of other services, and it has one unique feature: membership is free to women!. Men will need to obtain a subscription to access the site’s features. I was not offered to purchase coins or other advanced features through premium membership.
Premium Membership:

  • 1 Month 34.99 USD / Month
  • 3 Months 22.99 USD / Month | Total: 68.97 USD
  • 6 Months 32.99 USD / Month | Total: 197.94 USD
  • 12 Months 11.99 USD / Month | Total: 143.88 USD

EastMeetEast Coins:

  • 1,800 Coins / 4.99 USD
  • 4,800 Coins / 9.99 USD
  • 18,000 Coins / 24.99 USD


In my research on Asian dating sites, I found people of this ethnic background can be subject to many stereotypes. Both men and women from Asia might be looked down upon by people of other backgrounds.

Asian women can become subject to fetishization. That makes this site a place where Asian men and women can meet and form new connections with confidence. They can decide whether to welcome attention from users who don’t share their heritage.

Generally, however, I think people who join this site find the idea of interracial dating to be intriguing, and they wish to explore their preferences for a romantic partner.

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3.5 Real Life Review

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