There is something about love that makes you mad and happy simultaneously. Something similar happened with the famous couples. Love can be star crossed, cursed or blessed. Whatever it is, these famous couples throughout the past centuries have created controversies.

Never underestimate love because it can make you do things you never thought you are capable of doing. It can be the reason for war or bring peace to the world. Do you want to know the couples who made history? Keep reading!

Helen and Prince Paris’s Trojan War

Helen and Prince Paris

Paris (Prince of Troy) was head-over-heels in love with Helen. She was half-divine according to the legend. Since they could never be together, they eloped. But they never saw the Trojan war coming which started with their love.

Helen is also known as “the face of a thousand launched warships”. In reality, whether they existed or not, we shall never know, but their love has left a mark forever.

Mark and Cleopatra Dying For Each Other

Mark and Cleopatra

Cleopatra was historically the most alluring woman. She could be with a king or a prince, but she was irrevocably in love with Mark Antony. He was the general in the Roman Army. Their love was described as volatile by Shakespeare.

It was marked as one of the best of Shakespeare’s stories. They risked everything in the name of love. Their love affair and Octavia’s jealousy sparked the Roman war. They both decided to die together in 30BC.

Antonious and Emperor Hadrian’s Passion of Love

Antonius and Emperor Hadrian

As per legend, emperor Hadrian lost his heart to Antinous (a Greek student). He always wanted Antinous to be present. They travelled together and showed passionate love towards each other.

Antony mysteriously disappeared in the Nile, and some say it might be a murder by the emperor’s enemies. Hadrian was completely devastated. To remember him, he ordered a city to be built in his name.

Dante and Beatrice’s First Sight Love

Dante and Beatrice

How do you know you are in love? It’s when you have just met the person once or twice but keep thinking about her/him all the time. Dante, the Italian poet, was so obsessed with Beatrice that he wrote poems and mentioned her in the Divine Comedy.

Unfortunately, Beatrice died at the age of 24 before seeing her or telling her how he feels about her. Still, she is the best thing that will remain in his heart.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – Royalty in Love

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

It is the one love story that is inspiring for everyone. Why? Because Prince Harry decided to leave royalty to be with her and preserve her virtue. Meghan Markle sacrificed everything to be a part of the Royal family. They are everything that a couple can want from each other.

They got married in May 2018 and created history. They have always been the centre of controversy, nonetheless, they have been seen holding hands and in love all the time. Even though they had to leave the royal family, Prince Harry did not leave her hand.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z Break Ups and Make Ups

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

They are the world’s most famous couple. They are a recent couple to take inspiration from. They are both from the same field of profession. They show that being in the same profession doesn’t mean you have to fight who is better or earn more.

There have gone through many break ups and makeups. So far, they are strong and good. They are the best couple in Hollywood right now. They have created a history that will never be forgotten.

What Do All Famous Couples Have in Common?

Many more famous couples existed in history. You are probably thinking about a couple right now, which is not listed. But all of them have the following things in common:

  • Vision for future
  • Love and care for each other
  • Going against society
  • Deeper connection
  • Ability to be yourself


To finish this beautiful star-crossed love article, we would like to say that love is strong and it is not easy to always love passionately. This article is not leading you towards cheating your partner, but showing you that love can destroy or build the world around you.

Through these famous couples, you can know that they have gone through worse fears like dying for each other. The main thing is to hold on to hope and do right for a partner or find a new experience while dating online!

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