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Members: 150,000 from USA; Members activity: 50,000 active weekly; Gender Proportion: 30% - women; 70 % - men.
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  • there is no mobile app
  • free features are limited
  • there are some fake profiles
  • active community
  • grows constantly
  • the website works great on mobile phones too
  • affordable
  • even more affordable trial period

Ask 100 men what their favorite type of woman is, and at least 50 of them will tell you they’d die for a night with a hot, curvy, passionate Latina. Flirtylatinas makes that happen. That’s why it’s so popular in Canada. Most men won’t ever see Latinas in South America, but many beautiful users live in Canada and the USA, which raises the value of this site.

This review will show you all the pluses and minuses of Flirtylatinas, so you can decide about creating an account. If Latinas are your type, you’ll make a profile 100%, maybe even if they aren’t.


When a site claims it can connect you with a specific kind of people, that’s either a huge lie or a big win for you. In our experience, Flirtylatinas delivers. Meeting a woman online won’t be a problem here. Not even for shy people. Latinas will send you messages first, but you’ll have even more success.

Flirtylatinas has a free membership and premium membership. You can test free, but when you decide to become serious about meeting the right woman for you – upgrade to premium (don’t forget to cancel your subscription when you finish looking for Latinas).


Latinas join this site to find serious relationships, chat with men, or hook up with them. Men are looking for the same things, so it’s not surprising that the number of users is constantly growing. If you want to become a part of that community, you’ll have to spend 5 minutes of your time. That’s how long it will take you to sign up.

You have to type in basic personal info:

  • your gender and sexual orientation
  • age
  • email
  • password
  • location – so you can meet in person with Latinas near you

After that, fill in your profile, and you’re ready. There is no verification over the email, which means you can start looking for matches as soon as you finish reading this review. Is the lack of verification a signal for poor safety features? Find out below.

Members & Profiles

You’d never guess this, but all the ladies on Flirtylatinas are Latinas. Some of them live in the USA and Canada, some of them are more to the South. Regardless of their location, they’re all looking for love and fun. Some are even ready to move for love. But how many women are there, and how many men are chasing them?

Since Flirtylatinas is one of the younger dating sites (created in 2018), more than a million users are big number. There are more men than women on the site, but that’s like that on all dating sites and apps. The good thing about Flirtylatinas is – the difference isn’t that big. There are 64% of men and 36% of Latinas.

That gives everybody a chance to meet somebody new. Profiles aren’t that detailed, but you can upload a video to your profile. That will make you stand out from other members and attract a lot of potential matches. Still, the best way to meet women on this site is to be active instead of waiting for them to contact you. Safety

We mentioned there is no verification of any kind on Flirtylatinas. That made us expect a lot of fake profiles and a terrible user experience. We were wrong. Yes, some fake profiles exist, and they’ll send you messages, but you can block them easily.

Thanks to the SSL connection, your personal data is 100% safe, and you can be sure nobody can see your messages. That’s very important while chatting with Latinas because they are famous for sending (and wanting) beautiful photos if you understand what we mean.

Is legit?

Yes. You can quit your search for the best dating sites full of Latinas. Flirtylatinas is exactly that. You’ll most likely delete your profiles on all the other dating sites when you create an account here.

Your experience will cost you some money, but it’s like that on every other site or every other activity. Free things don’t exist anymore, but a very affordable trial on Flirtylatinas does.

Costs and Prices

Compared to other dating sites, Flirtylatinas is somewhere in the middle when it comes to prices. When it comes to results, it’s among the best. Let’s see how much you will have to spend if you want to meet sexy Latinas looking for fun.

  • 1 day of trial membership – $1,26
  • 1 week of trial membership – $6,13
  • 1 month of full membership – $75,90
  • 3 months of full membership – $82,14

We started with a 1-day-trial, then moved to 1-week-trial, and finally to a 1-month-membership after realizing it works. Just don’t forget to cancel your subscription when you decide you don’t want it anymore (your card will be charged and your membership renewed automatically if you don’t do it).


Flirtylatinas works. It makes meeting Latinas easy for men in Canada. Some Latinas are nearby, some are far away, but all of them are looking for fun. Creating a profile doesn’t take a lot of time, and when you’re done, you can spend hours browsing accounts of stunning girls.

This Flirtylatinas review surely gave you a good insight into the site, prices, and safety. Now when you know, it’s affordable, growing, and 100% safe, you can join without hesitation.

Flirtylatinas will be the last dating site you’ll join because it will give you all you’re looking for.

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4.3 Real Life Review

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