HookupsFinder.com Review

HookupsFinder.com Review

Members: 200,000 from USA; Members activity: 110,000 active weekly; Gender Proportion: 50% - women; 40% - men.
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  • some fake profiles
  • free features aren’t amazing
  • profiles aren’t very detailed
  • your location determines if you can get a real hookup (if nobody in your area uses HookupsFinder, it’ll be hard to meet somebody in person)
  • The lightning-fast registration process
  • Browsing profiles of real women is a fun activity
  • You can meet girls and hook up with them
  • an affordable trial and affordable prices of membership
  • majority of members is from North America (that gives you, a Canadian man, great chance to get a hookup)

Everybody wants to have sex, but not everybody wants to be in a relationship. HookupsFinder is a site for men and women like that. And since members are coming from all around the world, everybody has a chance to hook up with somebody nearby. That sounds good in theory, but does it help to meet women? We decided to find out.


Millions of men are looking for women online 24/7. More than 650,000 men are using HookupsFinder.com to get hookups. Most of them are successful because there are almost 550,000 women on the site. HookupsFinder.com is one of the most useful sites on the market with an almost perfect balance between men and women.

The site itself looks great, works even better, and it’s constantly upgrading. Sign up is quick (more about it in the next paragraph). Features are nothing special, but you can still have a video chat. Sadly there is no mobile app, but the desktop version works great on the phone too. Overall, our experience on the site was great. Now, let’s dig a bit deeper.


The registration process is similar to any other site. It’s quick (less than 5 minutes). You have to enter your data, and after you verify your email address, profile activation is done. You’re not obligated to edit your profile, but you’ll notice that profiles with full descriptions and photos get much more attention.

This is data you have to provide:

  • gender and sexual orientation
  • email – needed for verification
  • age
  • password
  • your location

You will get some attention seconds after the registration process is done, but those were fake profiles in our experience. To get noticed by real women, you should finish your profile. Don’t describe yourself like you’re looking for a serious thing. HookupsFinder is a hookup finder. Women are looking for naughty fun, not marriage. Since we mentioned fake profiles and naughty fun, we have to tell you more about members.

Members & Profiles

You’ll receive some messages from (obviously) fake profiles. Ignore them, or better yet, block them. Focus on real members. There are more than 1,200,000 users now, so you’ll need a lot of time to browse all the profiles. With almost half of those 1,2 million being women, you’ll have a lot of images to check out and decide who to contact. Most users are older than 21 and younger than 40.

Also, the majority live in the USA and Canada (more than 500,000 members). That’s amazing because that makes real hookups possible. It’s hard to hook up with somebody 3,927 miles away. Traveling won’t stand between you and hookups because there are 117,000 weekly active users.

Some of them must be in your area. Apart from the USA and Canada, Hookupsfinder is popular in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, and Spain.

We suggested creating a full profile with as much info as possible. Well, that was solid advice because it’s an easy way to attract female members. Still, you won’t get a lot of space to describe yourself. You get 140 characters to describe yourself. Then you can mark your:

  • Marital status
  • Ethnicity
  • Body type
  • Hair color

Profiles aren’t very detailed, but you can add images. Try to find the best ones, but don’t use any photoshop or filters. You’ll exchange many photos via chat, so choosing a filtered profile photo makes no sense. Since we’re talking about exchanging images, we have to mention safety on the site.

HookupsFinder.com Safety

Apart from a couple of fake profiles, nobody among us had any safety issues on HookupsFinder. Those fake profiles are recognizable like a black sheep on the snow when you notice them go to their profile and block them.

You’ll pay for membership (or a cheap trial) with your credit card, and you can be 100% sure you won’t see any weird transactions. SSL is protecting you and your data. But don’t forget to cancel your membership when you decide to pause it. Otherwise, it will renew itself.

Is HookupsFinder.com legit?

Yes. HookupsFinder is a site where you can meet women from all around the world (mostly North America). Members don’t want anything serious. Either some naughty chatting or real hookups.

Costs and Prices

HookupsFinder is an averagely expensive dating site. Most people in Canada can afford it without noticing. Let’s see the prices (in Canadian dollars, of course).

  • 3-day-trial – $2,65
  • 1 month membership – $21,47
  • 3 months membership – $37,86
  • 6 months membership – $54,05

As we warned you before – if you ever want to quit HookupsFinder, don’t forget to cancel your membership on time (before it runs out).


HookupsFinder is a real online dating site. Meeting women isn’t hard, but you have to upgrade your membership to unlock chat, video dates, and other special features. The registration process can hardly be called a process. It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up. The site’s interface is modern, and everybody can easily find their way around the site. All in all, HookupsFinder gives good value for the price.

Hope that this HookupsFinder review helped you to get a real picture of this popular dating site. If you’re looking for a casual relationship, don’t even consider anything else.

HookupsFinder can be your secret weapon when you need to have fun in the company of a single girl. Don’t miss a chance on something that good.

Use a 3-day-trial to meet local women!

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