Subtle Asian dating is touted as an exclusive Facebook group, now amassing an impressive 650,000 members targeted at Asian singles. Profiles are created on behalf of friends or parents. How exclusive the group is, remains to be seen with the impressive members count and open registration through Facebook. But it can be said that to partake, you do need to be from somewhere in Asia.

The Facebook group was created by innovator Hella Chen. The group was designed with the idea of connecting different Asian singles around the world, although initially was used as a place for Asians to share funny memes, jokes, and common stories about life in the west.

subtle asian matchesWith the trending posts found in the group only sometimes related to dating profiles, the majority referred to the struggles and challenges associated with being an Asian, showing the diversity in the way the online page is used. All published posts, including ads, are seen by all members making for a social media type style of dating, where anyone can make comments regarding potential matches anytime. So, it’s best that before signing up to this group and participate in the activities, you ensure that you are ready. A thick skin and resistance to “roasting” is a deeply required trait in the arsenal of any member of subtle Asian dating.

Subtle Asian dating (SAD) is the humorous slang acronym it’s known by within the community. The group is used primarily as a populous place where prospected singles are “auctioned” to potential suitors online. Each personal profile created on behalf of the Asian single includes information relating to “pros and cons,” their strong traits, a long list of achievements, educational history, and overall earning potential for individuals. Phrases such as “daddy can fund your boba” are common. In Asian culture, “boba” is known as bubble tea.
As the page progressed in popularity, the profiles grew in stature, to the point where they were seen as resume as seen on the desk of prospective employers, more than adverts for finding love.

If an ad is seen online, 10,000’s of potential connections can try their luck and assess their desire to meet against their overall compatibility. If both criteria are met, then a private message to the inbox of a new lover is all that’s required to put people on the radar of their preferred Asian single. With a large, active members base, many members meet and begin to date, which makes this dating group a great place to find like-minded Asian singles who certainly won’t disappoint your parents.

The increase in popularity and competition for singles led to the majority of “normal society” already members of the group, or “potatoes” feeling as if they no longer had a place within the group as they couldn’t match their “competitors,” so to speak. As such, events are now held specifically for this part of the community, so potatoes equally have a chance to be advertised and matched with users who share their subtle Asian traits.

subtle asian datingSAD is used by parents who want to find subtle Asian matches for their children or occasionally by friends. As is commonly joked in Asian society, parents are always seen to be disappointed with every outcome. As such, creating a space where they can personally find love interests for their children is seen as a positive within society, hence the general acceptance and the growth in popularity over the last 2 years since the page was created.

Asian dating has grown increasingly popular since quarantine began, and this transpired to the subtle Asian dating Facebook group, which saw an exponential increase of 150,000 members within 3 months. The Facebook page was incepted in November 2018 and has increased in size dramatically since. Today alone, the Facebook group has grown by over 2,000 members, with over 1,000 posts going live each month on average.

With all eyes seemingly on this ever-growing group, Asians love the ease and fluidity of how the group is operated, run, and innovated. As specific needs within the community arise, they are swiftly met. So, this community is proving that it’s more than a “flash in the pan trend” and showing they are striving to exist for the long-term, rather than the initial quick-fire trend they were perceived as!
Have you used subtle Asian dating to find a partner? Are you planning on connecting with Asian singles online through this Facebook page? We want to know!

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