Do you know that 80% of the members will form a relationship based on your profile? Why? That is because it is the first impression. And if it is a strong one, no one can stop you from getting likes and winks.

A dating profile has to be clean, brief and attractive. Here is how to write the best dating profile on any dating website; let’s check it out!

Basic Informationgirl online dating

This is the main part of the dating profile based on which you get sorted from others. This usually includes your name, contact information, and email address to verify your account. You may use your email Id or phone number to verify. Some websites might also want your location so that you can find people near your area.

Also, some sites might want to authenticate your profile by checking your id. Once you are done with that, your account has been created.


About the pictures, they are the ones that create an impression on others. Here is how to upload the best photographs of you:

  • Make sure that you have some single pictures of you;
  • Don’t put strangely tilted selfies from the top. It makes you look desperate;
  • Upload some pictures that signify your passion like dancing, singing, pottery etc.;
  • Put group photos of a significant moment like graduation otherwise the group photos will confuse your partner;
  • The pictures should be of good quality and HD;
  • Don’t use Snapchat filters as your profile pictures;
  • Lastly, let your original smile or laugh be shown in your pictures.


The description is the thing that can make you either a loser or the hero of the profile. Every dating platform has a limit on the number of words or characters you can use. Use these words carefully. Here are some tips on how to write the best description:

  • Wording — you don’t have to be formal but make sure your spellings are correct. Otherwise, it does not leave a good impression. Due to the word limit, you may leave the grammar out. For example “Doctor by profession, interested in Football.”
  • Honesty is best to remain honest because there will be a day when the truth will be known. The best thing to do is not to say anything about something you are not proud of. Also, don’t write things to boast about yourself to look good on the profile. That makes you look desperate.
  • Mention important things — don’t leave out things like your profession, passion, likes and dislikes since those are the kind of stuff that will help you connect. Also, if you have enough places you may mention the kind of person you want to connect to. That will help you to remain out of unwanted people.
  • Keep it short — with the world becoming digital; nobody wants to read 10 pages even though the content is amazing. Keep it as short as possible with your description like “Lover of dogs. Baker. Fashionista.” Make sure it has everything you need your partner to know. Even if the website does not provide a limit, keep your profile concise and short.
  • Conversational openers — it has been seen that even if you include certain challengers or conversational openers, the number of messages increased dramatically. Include things like “I can beat anyone in bowling” or “Tried 8 ball pool with me?”
  • No negativity — it is already included that you may mention what you are looking for. But it does not mean that you write “looking for white, thin, 5 feet 2 inches female” because that is a direct hit to their race, body shape and looks. You may include things like “if you are an adventurer too, hit me up. Or add more personality stuff that you want in your partner.

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In conclusion, we can say that a dating profile is pretty basic, but you need to be specific and not go wild with the words and pictures. Include at least 5-7 pictures of yourself that depict your lifestyle and those that focus you.

Don’t remain anonymous because no one would want to connect with you. Don’t worry about the misuse of your information since most of the websites have good security services. The information is encrypted, meaning that even the website creators also don’t have access to it. Join for free and have fun!


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