It’s no secret or surprise to read Asian women love humor. Asian women are universally known for their keen eye for jokes and practical entertainment, but in the new world of online dating, sometimes “humor” isn’t very funny, and men take things a step too far in their eternal pursuit of social acceptance amongst friends.

Often the jokes made by unwitting men online deeply hurt the feelings of these sensitive, caring ladies and can have a long-lasting effect.

Other times, these jokes go un-noticed by Asians and make for all the more self-deprecation for people who are the butt of the joke for an extended period. After all, humor is a social concept that is learned over time, and the way Asians learn about humor in comparison to people in western society is starkly opposing.

The difference in culture can be hard to perceive for those not existing within, either due to social ignorance or a sheer lack of intelligence.

To prevent such hardships from being endured by the minority, simple practices can be employed today both on Canadian dating sites and in society by all. The reduction in these instances can be seen to fall swiftly, as has been observed in places such as the USA by taking the time to be considerate.

Unbeknownst to most guys in today’s society, Asian women are often the most dubious when it comes to participating in online dating, both being members and interacting with men.

asian women love humor

For an age, Asian singles were connected through family pairings in the eye of “who would be good for them.” Still, in reality, the main objective that has emerged was to always elevate their parents’ position in society or prevent “embarrassment” being brought to the household.

In Asian communities especially, who your children marry is seen more as a symbol of success and stature than in most democratic countries.

Although this practice can be observed within large communist parts of Asia still today, in Western locations like Vancouver, Asians have the eternal freedom and ability to find their lovers without needing approval from their parents.

This is largely due to them either not making a move, or growing up in Canadian society with the freedom to choose, as such, were drawn to online dating services to connect with people in their local area.

With this transition to online dating came the natural progression of these sensitive women becoming the victims of sometimes hurtful jokes online. The majority are depicted as funny dating profiles, where profiles are targeted with jokes for adults based on culture. Although some jokes are made in a non-malicious, joking manner, some are deeply maliciously, sexist, or racist.

As in any location where you’re a part of the minority, it can be hard to find support and places to turn. The majority simply cannot relate to the hardships suffered as a result of these jokes, leaving you to suffer alone in silence.

The main way to enjoy a successful dating experience with Asian women is not to participate in such detrimental behavior, both to the mental health of women but to your chance of starting a relationship with an Asian now or in the future. To make the lives of these unique women more pleasurable, simply turn your attention to the way you’d feel if you were in the same situation in a foreign or new environment.

how not to hurt asian women by inappropriate jokes

Although it can be difficult to conceive the view of somebody outside of your conscious mind without the same background, a little consideration for the thoughts and feelings of Asians you’re chatting to goes further than you realize. Not to mention consistently increases your chances of hitting things off with Asian women online dating and developing a fulfilling relationship.

Remember, Asian women are different from the ladies you’re used to talking to and have a hard time relating to culture and communication. For the utmost success and to spare the feelings of kind Asian women whilst dating online, showing more care, consideration, and compassion are the keys to success that you require with these precarious lovers!

What are your personal experiences with jokes about Asians, and women in particular? Do you agree they go too far, or are they fine? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

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