QuickFlirt.com Review

QuickFlirt.com Review

Members: 400,000 from USA; Members activity: 130,000 active weekly; Gender Proportion: 52 % - women; 48 % - men.
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The best thing you can find on the dating only Here!
  • Wide member base;
  • Ease of use;
  • Customer support;
  • Comfortable communication;
  • You can find love on your mobile too.
  • Premium account specific features


It does not matter if you are looking for some casual fun, a date to a wedding, or a partner for life. This site has a broad Asian member base with all kinds of people looking for different things. The chances of finding the right person for dating are incredibly high, and the journey is always a pleasure.

The first impression
At first glance, the webpage may seem too uninteresting. The layout focuses on shades of grey and white with a few pops of color. But as one gets started, one realizes that the simplicity in design makes it easy to focus on the essential parts and not be constantly distracted.


Contrary to many dating sites for Asians, one can set up an account at QuickFlirt.com with a few clicks. Add your essential information like name, location, email, etc. Then verify your email account, log in, and get browsing! Even though email verification systems can be tedious, it is worth it in the end as it makes the platform more secure.

Members and Profiles

Once you have signed up, get started on building your profile. People often skip this part, but well-built profiles attract more attention. Add several photos, videos, inviting statuses, and any additional information a potential partner should know before approaching you.

Similarly, one can browse other people’s profiles to judge compatibility. You can go through their photos, bio, interests, and everything else their profile has to offer. Although the site fundamentally caters to Asians, the member base is as diverse and broad as imaginable.

You can see who has visited your profile, send winks, likes, and even messages to those you wish to connect with and meet. One can customize the site to one’s tastes on the search bar. Let the website know if you are looking for pretty and smart women in Canada or attractive and funny men in Australia. Find people, approach them, and get matched.

If you find it difficult to flirt or find initiating conversations hard, you can pick a preset message offered by the site to catch someone’s attention using the Flirtcasts feature. With this feature, the site proves itself true to its name. It’s effortless flirting, and it’s quick!

QuickFlirt.com Safety

No site is entirely safe from scammers. People are always lurking, ready to manipulate and take advantage of vulnerable people. But comparatively, QuickFlirt.com is one of the most secure dating sites to meet Asian singles. One can block and delete any match or profile if it seems shady. Users are also encouraged to report such accounts to ensure maximum security.

You can also customize your profile settings such that only verified accounts can send you messages. It is a guarantee that all the Asian people you meet are real, and their profiles are genuine. Users with premium accounts can also opt for the Extra Security premium benefit.

Is QuickFlirt.com legit?

The first cause of hesitation before paying for any dating service is its authenticity. You want to make sure whatever you are spending your hard-earned money on is real. You can rest assured that the site is 100% authentic, and you will get your money’s worth as I did. If this review is not enough to convince one, one can also read hundreds of reviews from other satisfied users to ease one’s worries.

Costs and Prices

For all its services, the site is surprisingly affordable instead of being outrageously expensive. A one-day membership costs 0.99 USD, and a one-week membership is worth 7.0 USD. Long term memberships are more cost-effective as you can save quite a lot of money. Premium account membership for one-month is 28.80 USD, while a three-month package is 48.60 USD.

A premium account means added benefits and exclusive features to make one’s experience even better. You can sign up for the free 3-day trial to judge the quality of services before you pay.
Premium Membership

  • 1 Day 0.99 USD / Day
  • 1 Week 7.00 USD / Week
  • 1 Month 28.80 USD / Month
  • 3 Months 16.20 USD / Month | Total: 48.60 USD

Pros and Cons

No dating site is without flaw, and QuickFlirt is no exception. However, with the site’s unmatched services, the pros outweigh the cons by far. Here is a list of them all.


Wide member base: There are thousands of Asian people and hundreds of kinds of dating present on the site.
Ease of use: The site is user friendly, convenient, and easy to use. Everything is organized, and all of one’s messages and notifications are displayed with easy accessibility so that you don’t miss anything.
Customer support: There is a comprehensive FAQ one can consult. If there are questions not mentioned in the FAQ, one can message the support team and receive a prompt reply. Customer support is available 24/7.
Comfortable communication: One can send messages privately, exchange phone numbers and plan dates on calls, and even talk in chat rooms. You can pick the mode of communication you prefer.
You can find love on your mobile too: The best part is you can connect with millions of Asian users and begin your modern-day dating fairytale right on your phone. With the QuickFlirt mobile app, you can avail of any service or feature you want with a lot more convenience. Love is not limited to browsers now!


Premium account specific features: One of the only drawbacks I could find as a user was that some functions were only available for premium accounts. If one has a standard account, one can still have fun, but with a few limitations.


Taking all these elements into account, I must admit that as far as dating sites go, Quickflirt is among the best places to start your online dating journey. The site is entertaining and engaging. It has many charming quirks like winks and charm points, and millions of members, including Asian people, you can connect with.

It is incredibly customizable, so one can tailor it to fit one’s needs. My experience with the site has been incredible, and I hope the same for you!

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The best thing you can find on the dating only Here!
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