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Members: 90,000 from CA; Members activity: 39,000 active weekly; Gender Proportion: 70% - women; 30% - men.
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The best thing you can find on the dating only Here!
  • Free registration on the site, so you lose nothing if you don’t use the services;
  • Many casual photos of the women you are talking to;
  • Pretty comfortable communication services and methods;
  • Profiles are being verified mutually, which is a great bonus, so you know that you are chatting  with a real person;
  • No obligatory payments;
  • Variety of female images, so you can choose whoever you want to.
  • No opportunity to research the portal without being registered;
  • Sometimes the answer of the support team can be not that fast;
  • The absence of a mobile app at the moment.

The Internet we know nowadays is a place full of different services. Dating websites are not exceptional, and there is a wide variety of them for common users to choose from. However, people need to be aware of the website’s functionality in order to choose the fittest for them. 

Sofia Date is a website that might seem an “old-school” website to many users. It provides services for straight people, who search for true love for themselves. We can see a bunch of reviews on the service, but let’s find out whether they are truthful. In this review, you will learn everything you need to know about

What is Sofia Date? is a dating website, which gives you an opportunity to find a partner for dating or a warm sincere talk. The website is mostly oriented toward the male audience. That’s why there is no lack of female accounts. There is a huge variety of Russian and Ukrainian women, and the site’s landing is full of bright profiles. 

The main benefit is that you can chat with many women at the same time to find out the best candidate for your further relationships. So how about signing up?

Sign-up process on SofiaDate

Creating your own account is the main feature of any service. And the process of registration is easy enough for all users. You can either enter all the needed information manually or sign in with your Google account. The information you have to provide is your name, email, password, date of birth, and the gender of a partner you are looking for.

The registration process takes about 5 minutes, and it doesn’t take long for the moderator team to verify your account. After that, you just have to enter your login and password to start chatting. Everything is simple enough. And, if you want to just look around or don’t want someone to know your real name, you can keep your anonymity. However, are the members of the Sofia date community worth registration?

Members & Profiles

Talking about the members, we can see that their profiles are strict to the golden classic of many dating services. Even on the landing page, you can see highlighted profiles of singles searching for relationships. Most of the profiles are beautiful ladies from Ukraine and Russia who are searching for a long-term relationship with men from other countries.

The rules of Sophia Dating are strict, so you can be sure that no one will send you explicit pictures. The conversation will be polite, and you will have an opportunity to learn as much as you want about the women you are talking to. And you don’t need to use your computer only. 

SofiaDate App & Mobile

Like many dating services, Sofia Date gives you an opportunity to use their services via your mobile devices. In fact, you can even use your phone browser to contact people you like, and the mobile version has all the functions that the desktop version gives you. Unfortunately, there is no app yet, but it’s coming soon. 

So, you can do all your daily routine without being worried that you will ignore the message of your new girlfriend. Members will always be able to access the site to stay online. All you need is an Internet connection. But is the platform  safe?

SofiaDate & Safety

The common issue for many people is the safety of the service they are using. And you don’t need to be afraid about your personal data while using Sofia Date. First of all, you don’t have to provide your personal information. Everything you have to tell the team is your email and name. Thus, we can conclude in the review that the service is safe. 

Moreover, you will always get a reminder from the operator not to provide your password or other information to your companion. However, if you have some issues, you are able to contact the support team operator, and he/she will help you as fast as possible. To enjoy the service to the fullest, you need to be sure that the work of the service is legitimate. 

Is SofiaDate Legit?

In spite of the fact that the service is fully safe, many people become sure enough to use it only when they know that it is legit. Keep calm as Sofia Date portal is the one that is legal. To start with, it is supported by McAfee, SSL Secure Connection. 

Even more, the site is also connected with Visa and MasterCard; so, you can be sure that Sofia Date is fully legit. In another case, it would be just unable for them to get McAfee, Visa, MasterCard certificates. All customer transactions are operated via these services. 

Well, all these facts are good, but what about the advantages and disadvantages of the portal?

Costs and Prices

You shouldn’t be upset by the fact that Sofia Date is not absolutely free. You can register for free, which would give you an opportunity to check whether you’d like to use the platform. The local virtual currency is called credits or coins. The users can choose such packages as: 50 credits for $19, 100 for $33, 250 for $75, 400 for $99, and 1000 credits for $199.

The optimal package contains 100 credits and it will let you fully benefit from Sophia dating.

A cute point is that all users (no matter if you are a newbie) get different bonuses and promos, which would be connected to some special events, especially for Valentine’s Day. You can spend them not only on chatting, but also try sending a precious gift to your mate, to attract her even more. 

And a good thing about buying coins is that there is no subscription system. You will not have to cancel payments, because you are not being charged automatically. And if you have any issues or questions about the payment, you should contact the support team. What do they do to help you? 

Support and Contact

A support team is one of the most important things on any dating service. And Sofia Date has a kind and reliable support team, which provides fast replies. The operator is always online and upon your request, they may also tell you about the website’s features. 

In fact, there is a detailed online tutorial, so if you have some simple questions, you can check there first. For customers’ convenience, they can contact the team using both email ([email protected]) and live chat. Replies can be delayed sometimes, due to high traffic of different requests. 

In general, you will usually be satisfied with all the help they provide. Besides, support is always sensitive towards costs questions. They will grant you 24/7 protection, in order to make your experience the best. 


In conclusion, the website is a bright example of a convenient dating service. It has its own great features, and you will definitely benefit from the services it provides. Private conversations and letters, which will not be interrupted by someone else, give you a great opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings.  

All women’s profiles are manually verified — rest assured that your chat partner is a real lady. And no female member can join if she hasn’t provided the necessary documents.

There are no obligatory payments on the website, and you can stop using it whenever you want. You will not wake up once seeing that you were charged a definite sum after a month of being inactive on Sofia Date. Not to mention tons of awesome professional and routine pictures you can view for free!

SofiaDate FAQ

Q: Who are the members of the website?

A: Singles you contact on the site are common women with their own jobs, lives, etc. They are just looking for a long-lasting union with a good partner. 

Q: How long do ladies answer your messages?

A: Everything is pretty individual. Some people can reply in 5 minutes, while some can be busy with their business, which creates a delay between receiving a message and answering it. The average reply time is 15 minutes. 

Q: What is the average age on the website?

A: The average age on the website is 25-60 years. However, there is no age limit. The only requirement is that you have to be at least 18 to start using the platform, and there are a lot of seniors amidst active users. You can meet people who are 40, 50, 60, and they can comfortably use the website’s services because the landing is self-explanatory and free-of-clutter.
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Members: 40,000 from CA; Members activity: 12,000 active weekly; Gender Proportion: 60% - women; 40% - men.
4.8 rating
Members: 90,000 from CA; Members activity: 39,000 active weekly; Gender Proportion: 70% - women; 30% - men.
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