Expecting a message from your partner after the first date? This topic worries many people. Questions immediately arise: how to behave, when and what to write after the end of the date night?

The first date is the most important event in a person’s life! Potential partners are waiting and getting ready to make a good impression. The girl and a guy, first of all, think about appearance and manners. Men are usually thinking about where to invite the chosen date.

After the first date, women and men expect the next moves equally. Typically, this could be a call, video chat message or invitation to a new date. But usually, partners start texting each other to know more details.

The main thing is to understand whether you want to continue the relationship or whether this is the last meetup. Let’s check the main advice and examples of popular messages!

Basic Texting Tips for Guys

So, the first date passed, you met a lovely match and started a correspondence. What is better to write in a message, so the partner goes on a second date with you?

Tip #1: Try to Concise Your Thoughts Carefully & Shortlyasian woman chats

The main thing is that the message should be relevant, sincere and short. The content could be similar to this:

  • When I woke up, I immediately remembered our date and how great it was
  • Good morning, I have great vibes after our date
  • I had a pleasant evening.. have an intention to repeat it
  • I could fall asleep after such a wonderful date
  • I’ve been thinking about you and our date all day long

I saw one cool thing that reminded me of our evening. Let’s grab a coffee somewhere, and I’ll show it to you

Tip #2: Write Compliments

Compliments always work. Also, you can discuss yesterday evening, what a person liked, what would like to repeat, etc. Ask a date what mood they have and would it be nice to meet again. If a partner answers you back, then you can safely invite a person on a second date and write something like this:

  • The date was great, let’s repeat it
  • Let’s go to the cinema for the premiere of the new movie
  • I would love to see you again
  • Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me
  • Let’s meet in reality and have a walk (if your date was online)
  • Yesterday was a great evening, we can repeat. My friends are going to the restaurant, would you join us?

Tip #3: Don’t Wait too Long

You shouldn’t wait long before starting texting. It can ruin everything. And the partner will regard this gesture as disinterest. You do not need to constantly write messages, especially if your chosen one does not answer them. The reasons can be different:

  • A phone is disconnected
  • Your date is very busy at work
  • A date wants you to test how serious you are in your intentions
  • Another sad reason, a person ignores you

Don’t be upset! Just softly and straightly ask an individual if they plan to communicate further. Ask a date to be honest and do not fool you around.

Essential Email Tips for Girls

Should a girl write to a guy after the first date? We have prepared tips for girls too, let’s dig deeper.

Tip #1: Write First If You Liked a Person

You must first think about how impressed you are with the date. If you think that sympathy is mutual, then write messages without hesitation, for example:

  • Text me or call me when you get home!
  • It was nice and lovely to be with you tonight
  • I had a good time, thanks for the flowers!
  • You organized everything so well; I haven’t had such a pleasant time for a long time!
  • It was interesting for me to spend time with you, we can meet again
  • I’m in a good mood today and ready to have some fun!

Flirt with a man, be mysterious and take the initiative, especially if a person is shy. Text first, if you feel that way.

Tip #2: Be Patientasian girl texting

You should not write the next message to the guy if the first one remains unanswered. This will be a sign of despair or availability for him. The fact is that time goes differently for people. While you are waiting for a response from him, he may be busy: working, playing sports, spending time with friends or parents. Please be patient and do not write intrusive messages such as:

  • Call me!
  • Why don’t you answer?
  • How long can I wait for your call?
  • I miss you!
  • If you do not call, I will be very offended!
  • Is it hard for you to call me?

Guys are afraid of losing their freedom, so don’t be too pushy. Be smarter. Texting after the first date can take place on social networks too. Everything is much simpler there. You can also try chats at the online dating services. On the profile of a girl or a guy, you can see a lot of useful information useful to you in writing messages.

Final Tip: How to Find a Partner for Texting

Thanks to dating apps, you can chat before and after your date. If the meeting has already taken place and you like each other, it will not be difficult to correspond. However, give yourself time to cool down and review the date night, and then write.

The first emotions will help you make your choice. If they are positive, you should send the girl or a guy a message and thank them for a wonderful evening. You can also write that you will call or text tomorrow. It will be a good ending to the date. Try it now!

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