The most famous systematization of love types belongs to the Canadian psychologist and sociologist John Alan Lee. He described six types of love within the Greek terms. They partly depend on a person’s temperament, spirit and character.

However, everything in life is more complicated than in schematic classifications. You cannot find identical personalities, and you cannot prescribe identical love patterns to different individuals. As such, let’s check out 6 types of love and discuss their main characteristics!

Main Styles of Love

The main types of love have quite different features; they are similar only externally, in terms of the development of the plot and personal reactions. Here is a list of the main types:

  • Agape
  • Pragma
  • Storge
  • Mania
  • Ludus
  • Eros

Type #1: Agape & the Most Precious Love We Can Receiveasian couple

Agape is based on the traditional view; according to which love does not require anything in return, it is kind, patient and constant. It is a /a•ga•pe/ Greek noun, meaning the highest and purest form of love, unconditional love.

There is no life for lovers; they like the usual course of general things; the habit does not extinguish their feelings. They take pleasure in knowing each other and how a partner may respond to the actions. They trust each other deeply; they are not afraid of infidelity.

Type#2: Storge

Storge is love similar to parental tenderness, understanding, love-custody, protection, adoration, meaning “without fever, without confusion and recklessness, peaceful and enchanting affection” (Proudhon).

It develops gradually not as a “blow of an arrow”, but as a slow blossoming of flowers, where strong roots are growing into the depths.

Storge is a strong and enduring type of love that withstands any test. Such love can even bear a long separation, as did the famous love of Penelope in Odysseus, the icon of the ancient prototype of the storge.

Type #3: Pragma

When love is pragma, it means it is balanced, and in a certain sense, we talk here about “practical” love. Pragma is not only a type of love but also a way of finding it. A lover selects a partner based on well-thought-out requirements.

When a suitable candidate is finally found, and mutual understanding is reached, pragmatic love develops into a stronger and deeper feeling. A true pragmatist cannot love someone who is not worthy of love.

Such a person sees the smallest details and all the value or non-value of a potential partner. Love for an individual is as much a matter of the head as the heart, and it consciously guides their inner feelings. When such a person is interested in the beloved: a partner will help individuals reveal their strengths, make a good and easier life, and remain faithful in trials.

The pragma has an advantage over other love types and feelings: over time, it has the peculiarity of becoming warmer, more sincere, more desirable. Pragma is a full-fledged, natural feeling for a person, giving positive emotions, healthy feeling where the emotions offspring.

Type #4: Mania

As you can understand from the word, mania is a violent and all-consuming feeling. It is associated with madness and confusion. The lover is constantly seized with the desire to demand and get attention from the beloved, not healthy.

In this state, ecstatic outbursts are interspersed with despair. This feeling is like a roller coaster: steep dizzying ups and downs lead to a sudden and swift end.

asian grandpa with flowerType #5: Ludus

Ludus is a kind of feeling that resembles flirting. According to this scheme, lovers are easily involved in the game and, as a rule; do not require any serious obligations from each other.

If you are looking for casual online dating or hookup, or you wish to find a person to start a “friends with benefits” relationship, this term will suit the description of your intentions.

A person can have several partners, making it possible to choose, and avoid responsibilities and dependence on one or the other partner. People associate sex with the role of an amusing game, a hobby, rather than a deep intimate feeling.

Type #6: Eros

Eros implies a feeling based on physical attraction and manifested in a strong sensual, sexual attraction. The psychologists believe that “erotic love” is like a spark: it flashes easily and then goes out. It rarely leads to deep and lasting relationships.

Final Thoughts

When describing the main characteristics, we can outline the interesting feature: if agape, storge and pragma show positive love qualities by all indications, then the other types as mania, Ludus and eros demonstrate love-like feelings poor quality characteristics and aggravated forms like mental illness.

Such symptoms could be eliminated only with the help of specialists and psychologists if it disturbs you.

You can also experiment and date online with different people to see what type of love suits you best. Try it now; the registration is free!

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