Upforit.com Review

Upforit.com Review

Members: 80,000 from USA; Members activity: 10,000 active weekly; Gender Proportion: 30% - women; 70% - men.
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  • relatively small member pool
  • more men than women
  • free features aren’t very generous
  • only for hookups, not for serious relationships
  • 3-day-trial
  • Special features
  • Safe mode
  • Quick Sign Up
  • Women are open to casual relationships

Upforit.com split online dating users into 2 groups – those who love Upforit.com and those who don’t. That can be visible in their reviews, but we decided not to trust them blindly. We decided to doubt everything and test Upforit.com.

We’ve discovered some interesting things about this useful site. We even played a game to see who’ll get the most matches. That made everything more fun. Try it with your friends, but read this review first.


Upforit.com is one of the sites where men and women come when they need some fun. By fun, we mean sex. The site is smooth, works great, and is one of the best dating sites for usability. Every user shapes his own experience by contacting other members. You can be very active and contact many women at once, or try to go slowly, one by one. Since Upforit.com is a site for hook-ups, it’s much better to spray and pray than aim carefully.

Almost FREE 3-day-trial (1,25 Canadian dollars/day) offers you a chance to enjoy premium features for 3 days. If you’re lucky (and know how to handle a woman) that will be enough time to get a date. But before you create an account, please read the rest of this review carefully. You have to know some things before joining Upforit.com.


It would be ironic of a hookup site to have a long signup process. Upforit won’t smother you with 1000 questions about your perfect woman or your eye color. You’ll sing in in less than 2 minutes. All you need is a valid email address. After you create your account, you’ll have to verify your email address (they’ll send you an email with a link).

That will be the last mandatory step you have to take before proceeding to the site. When you create a profile, you can always come back to answer a couple of questions about yourself and add a profile photo. You don’t have to do it, but users without profile photos are usually fake. And you want all the girls to know you’re real.

You can delete your account at any moment and cancel your membership, but you won’t get a refund for the subscription you paid. That’s why their 3-day-trial is an amazing thing. It lets you test the water without making any commitment. Now, let’s see who you can meet on Upforit.com.

Members & Profiles

Upforit is not a dating site with a huge pool of members, and users aren’t as active as on some top dating sites for serious relationships. There is a good reason for both of those things. First, the community isn’t that small. There are more than 100,000 users in Canada in the USA. And low activity on the site is logical.

It’s a hookup site; nobody wants to hook up every day. An average user of Upforit.com gets a hookup once a month. You can get more or less, depending on your sexual appetite. The gender ratio on the site is around 30% of women and 70% of men. That puts girls in a much better position, but men aren’t complaining because the site works.

As expected, profiles on Upforit aren’t very detailed. You can upload some photos. Say a thing or two about yourself, and that’s it. After all, nobody cares if you are a dog or cat person there. They care if you can make them scream in the bedroom.

Upforit.com Safety

Upforit takes all the needed safety measures to provide you with an amazing user experience. Some reviews complain about certain claims in “Terms and privacy”, but we didn’t have any problem while (or after) using this site. There are some fake profiles, and you’ll receive some messages from them, but the solution exists. Safe mode lets you hide from all unverified profiles. By doing that, you can be sure only real people are contacting you.

Is upforit.com legit?

Yes. You can meet women there, exchange messages, have video dates, and finally – meet in person to hookup. It won’t be free because everything good in life costs some money, but the experience you can have compared to the price you’ll pay is enormous.

Costs and Prices

One real user complained in a review that Upforit.com is too expensive. We’d compared that to other dating sites and proved that he’s wrong. There are a lot of sites with higher fees than Upforit. A lot of them are cheaper too, but those aren’t trustworthy. These are the prices of premium membership (in Canadian dollars):

  • 3-day-trial – $3,76
  • Full membership (1 month) – $34,57
  • Full membership (3 month) – $58,13
  • Full membership (6 month) – $93,46

We suggest you try the 3-day-trial because free features won’t take you far. You can send just 5 messages; after that, you won’t be able to reply to the hotties you meet online. After 3 days, you can upgrade to find more ladies, or you can cancel your subscription.


Upforit.com is a site for casual things. If you want to meet women in your area who aren’t looking for serious relationships, this dating site can be an ace in your sleeve. Try a 3-day-trial without any commitment. We’re sure you’ll love what you’ll see.

This is the latest Upforit review after they’ve made some updates on the matchmaking algorithm and safety. It was a good site before that; now, it’s one of the top sites for meeting single women near you.

Upforit delivers what it promises. Hot messages, photos, and face-to-face dates. All of that awaits you after the registration.

Get lucky; start a 3-day-trial now.

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